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Disclosure Initiative / Extraterrestrials

Disclosure Initiative / Extraterrestrials

St Mary’s University College, Belfast – 11 August 2017

Based in the US, Stephen Bassett is a lobbyist working tirelessly for a single, unusual cause: confronting the US Government on the existence of
extraterrestrials and their presence here on Earth. he aims to end the 68-year embargo of classified information relating to alien activity while pressuring higher political authorities to disclose these findings to the public.

A new podcast / recording of Stephen’s fascinating talk and presentation is here.

Away with the fairies?

Kerry TD, Danny Healy-Rae is no stranger to having his views pored over and analysed but this recent ideas about the fairies being responsible for the deterioration of a certain Kerry road had astounded and delighted in about equal measure.

A surprisingly vocal few came to his defence, and I suspect there are more out there who think also he’s right than are letting on.

View from the BBC – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-40863737

View from the Examiner – https://goo.gl/Fbzxgx

https://goo.gl/TtXKh7 – via Ocean FM (Barry Fitzgerald – Author)

https://goo.gl/RtD8U9– via thejournal.ie (Michael Fortune – Folklorist)

Google search page – https://goo.gl/ohoFke– with more links


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