Stuff I Do & Stuff I am interested in

This is a list of things that I do that (if you were in a generous mood) that you might call expertise. A more brutal appraisal might say, “things you muck about with”. Neither is entirely incorrect…

  • Photographs – resizing, enlarging, scanning, small repairs and corrections, analysis
  • Website development – WordPress / Drupal / Joomla! sites over a number of years and projects (I prefer WordPress).
  • Form design – print / PDF / etc.
  • Presentations / Graphics / Page and publication design / Templates
  • Fonts and text use
  • Free and open source software
  • Trains / Railways / Narrow Gauge (Welsh and Irish in particular)
  • Retrocomputing (70s/80s/90s)
  • Fortean phenomena / UFOs / Folktales / Paranormal research (not the TV hooey!)


Engagement Policy and Right to Reply

This a personal site and so covers a wide range of “stuff”, probably only of interest to me! If any of it bothers you then you can contact me, but I’m not promising to change it – if it really bothers you that badly, then don’t read it – I mean, Jaysus..!?


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